Our Sweet Little World

Our Sweet Little World.jpg

The Other Side.jpg

Our story begins twenty-eight apples

South of the Little White Church

And two-and-three-quarters

East of Sky’s Porch

On a field so deeply blue, they say,

That stars could be seen

No matter what time of day.

And so begins the told and un-told collection of myths, stories, and legends buried deeply in the blue field we Boiseans know only too well.

These illustrations, along with a collection of several others,, capture the moments and memories of my time with David A. Well’s Blue Thunder Marching Band. A mix of truths and imaginings, this is a story that speaks to acceptance of others, despite their differences - looking beyond labels and giving everyone a place to belong.

A circle of hands holding

And all voices singing….

‘Welcome to our sweet little world!’

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