Hope is a Place

Hope is a Place.jpg

For the past several years, I have been researching and growing in my understanding of the many concepts of hopes, wishes, and dreams. Having illustrated it several times already through the eyes of other people, Hope is a Place became my first attempt to show it in the light I see it - and to create a place of hope. After all, that’s what hope is - a place inside each of us, different within each of us. This place is bright and vibrant, whimsical and refreshing.

If you look closely at this interpretation of hope, you may see some glimmers of familiarity - the Union Block Building, Boise’s Capitol, the Idanha, the Cathedral of the Rockies, and the Flying M!

All, set in a color palette of grays whites and blacks, are spun with a dash of magic - vibrant color seeping out the seams to represent a light that can be seen if only we’re looking. So my challenge to you is to take a place - the place you live or a place in your heart, and saturate it with hope. Bring out the vibrance in life.

* Hope is a Place was created as a traffic box, as part of the project funded the Boise Department of Arts and History. You can check it out at the corner of 6th and State Street.

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