Help Me Kickstart 7% Chance of Sunshine!

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Excitingly, crazily, rapidly, July 2nd is coming. Normally July 2nd is just another day on the calendar for me, and this year it's likely to be a very hot day. But it's also the day my Kickstarter Campaign will be launching.

You've all been watching as Simon was born and as he started collecting his little jars of sunshine. You watched him as he filled his little red wagon and set off down the argyle hill to his village Havenville, aka the rainiest village in the world (it's not so hot where Simon comes from, even on July 2nd).

Now I'm asking for your help to get Simon onto the page and into the hands of hundreds of kids and kids-at-heart, so that he, and you, and all those kids, can help share the sunshine.

By supporting my Kickstarter Campaign, you will:

1) Help me print the books, which will in turn...

2) make wishes come true for children with life-threatening medical conditions, as 90% of all proceeds from book sales will go toward Make-A-Wish Idaho (c).

Every day on just my Facebook feed alone, I watch as children and their families struggle through the realities of their medical conditions, of extended hospital stays and machines and tests and all the simple joys of getting to go home between rounds of chemo or painting a picture in the hospital bed or having their favorite meal for dinner.

Make-A-Wish Idaho (c) reaches out to these families and sees the child for the child they are - not a diagnosis, but a beautiful, strong, miracle of life. Make-A-Wish Idaho (c) grants not only wishes to these children, but gives them and their families a renewed spark of hope, an incredible memory, a time of imense joy.

Make-A-Wish Idaho (c) shares the sunshine. Let's help them do it.

My campaign will run July 2nd-July 31st. On or after July 2nd, go to and type "7% Chance of Sunshine" in the search bar to find my campaign and donate and/or share the info with your friends and family.

Until then, feel free to "Like" my Facebook Page to keep getting updates on the campaign.

Thanks to everyone, and much love to you!


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