An Arts Eclipse

I'm guessing you all know, based on the name of my website, that I am (or am attempting to be) an illustrator. But I'm also a musician.

My whole life has been a balancing act between practicing and sketching, art class and band class. Double majoring in art and music was a crazy life challenge (may the force be with those who double major in neuroscience and biomedical engineering!). The college experience ulitmately proved to be a great preparation for my life so far, working as a graphic designer by day and an illustrator by night, all while keeping horn and music an important part of my life.

Sometimes visual and performing arts feel entirely separate...but in a way, they're very much the same. Both methods of communication can be very lyrical, full of harmony or dissonance. Whether instruments in the band, voices in the choir, or elements in a painting, everything needs to be well orchestrated, working together to convey the intended message.

And in those once-in-a-while, beautiful moments, one inspires the other. Look at Kandinsky's relationship with Schoenberg, bringing art and music together as one - seeing music and feeling art as never felt before. Or, less abstractly, check out Disney's Fantasia - taking classical music and visualizing it in a new way...discovering a fresh narrative.

There was a somewhat rare eclipse of my art world and my music world this past weekend. Meridian Symphony (in which I play horn) performed Peter and the Wolf. Already well illustrated by thousands of people around the world, I decided to take a stab at it, just for grins and giggles. And it was fun. It allowed me to take a moment and think about the music and the story more deeply.

So whether you're painting or singing, you are bringing people together to feel experience understand something in a fresh new way. To expose the stars in the middle of the day or remind the world of the light.

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