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About me


As a child I loved watching animated movies, pausing over and over on a single frame until I could recreate the image in my sketchbook. I never quit drawing, painting, sketching, building, papercutting, even for a day. 

After graduating from Boise State University with degrees in illustration and music, I found ways to happily work in both areas, filling my days with graphic design work and Mom-ing, filling my evenings and baby nap times with illustration, and playing in the community bands and orchestras. 

I love to dabble with paint, paper, clay, fabric, pencils, pens, my iPad…anything. But most importantly - more important than any medium, I try to create art with love, light, and hope. I try to find the light that can sometimes feel extinguished. I try to capture the vibrancy of a life well lived, of dreams sought out, of hope rekindled and neverending. If any of my work,

in some small way, helps to connect people to their loved ones or their hopes or their dreams,

I know I will have done my job. 

I live with my husband/personal Prince Charming, our vibrantly imaginative and loving six year old daughter, mischievously sparkling and extremely funny three year old boy, two siamese cats, one mini goldendoodle, and an axolotl.

I still believe in unicorns. 

Always open for commissions and conversations! Thank you for visiting my sweet little world, and please do say "Hello"!

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